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Why use JR Painting & Decorating Services?

Using our painter / decorator services will ensure you achieve a finish you enjoy looking at.

The key to a great finish lies in a number of important steps which we take with all our work:

1. Customer focused

We listen to what you want and work with you throughout the project to ensure you have an excellent,  professional finish.

2. Preparation

The success of any work depends on the care and attention to detail.

We prepare all surfaces properly making sure where required all areas are washed,  filled , sanded, cleaned, primed and made ready for top coats of your chosen paint.

3.Using Quality Materials.

In many cases using old and cheap paint can have a detrimental effect on the overall finish.

We always advise our customers to use quality branded and trade based paint, it will make a difference and provide a longer lasting quality finish.

4. Using Quality Brushes and Equipment 

The use of good brushes and rollers helps produce a high end result.

We only use quality rated brushes and rollers for all our work which helps us to create a beautiful finish.

5. Skill and Application.

JR Painting & Decorating Services are C&G fully qualified and insured.

With both contractual and domestic experience, working on projects and homes across the East Midlands we have the skills to help you undertake your painting projects, however small or large.

We are reliable, friendly and take pride in our work.We will always work hard to produce a great end product within the timescales we provide.

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